The Caltech International Spouses Club is a very active community with plenty of activities that you can attend all week long. But even if you are doing your best to participate in as many events as possible, you may not always be able to make it. Don’t worry, CISC has thought it all out, and here is your repeat session: with cooking group recipes, craft instructions, bars & cafés reviews as well as hiking ratings, you will be able to appreciate all those activities according to your own schedule 🙂


CISC Recipe Book

In the pre-pandemic life, the CISC members used to gather once a month around an international meal that they would cook and share together. Today, gatherings are unfortunately not possible anymore, but cooking is! With the help of our members, Nidhi, our Cooking Group leader, collects every month recipes from all over the world that you can cook from the comfort of your home and share with your loved ones. Discover countries and their flavors through delicious meals!

March 2019 Cooking Group

During March Cooking Group, CISC members learned how to make Spätzle, a European pasta dish made of fresh eggs.
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On March 9, 2019, CISC Hiking group followed the Red Box to San Gabriel Peak trail.
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