Beautiful Christmas Displays around Pasadena

By Chihiro Nakamoto

As Holiday season comes, many areas have beautiful Christmas displays. I would like to introduce some great place with light ups to go for a drive around Pasadena.

  • Altadena Christmas Tree Lane, Santa Rosa Avenue (from Woodbury Ave. to Altadena Dr.), Altadena

Have you ever heard of the word “Christmas Tree Lane” in your hometown? No, I hadn’t in my own.

 Altadena is directly north of the city of Pasadena. The cedars on Santa Rosa Avenue have been lighted annually as a Christmas Holiday Display since 1920. Some houses on the avenue have beautiful displays.

From Caltech campus, it takes about 12 minutes’ drive to get there. Santa Rosa Avenue has a sidewalk only around Altadena Library. If you would like to walk around, it would be great to park near the library.

This year, the Christmas Tree Lane will be lit up until Sunday, January 8th. I guess there are fewer people coming after Christmas.

For more information:

  • Upper Hastings Ranch Holiday Light Up, Pasadena

Upper Hasting Ranch is the area located to the northwest of Pasadena. The year 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the Holiday Light Up. Not only each house but also each street has a theme-related holiday season for the light up, which will make you amazed.  In addition, in 2022, the Herbeck home on Tropical Avenue won “The Great Christmas Light Fight”, an ABC reality TV competition.

In 2022, the Light Up will be until Saturday, December 31st.

From Caltech, it takes 15 minutes by car.

For more information:

About the family which won the prize:

  • St. Albans Road (from Monterey Rd. to Huntington Dr.), San Marino

 When you are driving on Huntington Drive from Arcadia, you will find this brilliant street on your right side. St. Albans Road is a short – about 0.2 mile (approx. 320m) – but very broad street with wide sidewalks and fancy mansions. It has little traffic, so easy to park and walk. The light up is quite simple, but the trees themselves are bigger than any other streets.

 From Caltech it takes 5 minutes by car, very close to Huntington Library and Lacy Park.

  • Pasadena City Hall, 100 N Garfield Ave., Pasadena

 No need to explain it. You can enjoy the Christmas tree with the elegant hall.

The City Hall is located on 100 N Garfield Street.

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