Looking for a job in a foreign country is not always easy, especially when the cultural and professional differences are numerous. Lots of Pasadenian newcomers also face the lengthy process of waiting for their work permit. In this section, we will try to guide you through some of the steps related to job hunting by sharing the experiences and acquired knowledge of the CISC working members. Among the topics that we will address, you will find:

  • information on the application process for your work authorization;
  • tips on how and where to look for a job;
  • insights into your rights as a Californian employee;
  • some experience sharing on – for example – how to obtain a real-estate license;
  •  etc.

Please note that all the information provided in this section is for informational purposes only.

Understanding your Employment Contract

When you get your first job offer in the US, you might not understand all the terminology used. You might also have questions about how fair the wage offered is, or which benefits you might be entitled to. Based on my own experience, this article should help you understand your first contract of employment.

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Volunteer Series – Rodinde’s experience teaching veterans at PCC

Rodinde has been tutoring Veterans, who are transitioning into civilian life at Pasadena City College (PCC) after years of service in the US Military. Read about this inspiring experience and the challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

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Job Search Series – Núria ‘s Experience

When Núria arrived in Pasadena, she looked for a job in all possible ways, using social apps and events as a boost for her career. In the end, her efforts paid off.
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Job Search Series – Diana’s Experience

Diana came to the US having given up her small business in Honduras to be with her family in Pasadena. In this post she outlines how she got her first job in the US.
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Job Search Series – Amanda’s Experience

It took Amanda nearly three years to get a “real” job after moving to the U.S. Read this post to learn about her experience volunteering, teaching English, and working a Christmas job before she ultimately found her new career.
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Job Search Series – Aude’s Experience

The Job Search series will give you a glimpse on how CISC members found their job here in the US, hopefully giving you tips for your own job search. For this very first article of the series, learn more about Aude, a professional translator, who has been working for more than 2 years in the entertainment industry in LA.
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Volunteer Series Rodinde’s experience volunteering with Caltech CTLO

When my husband Evert and I, Rodinde, moved to Pasadena in the wet January of 2017 I thought I had my priorities in order. Filing for my Employment Authorization Document, getting a nice apartment and finding a great job. I knew the EAD process would take some time (at least 90 days; but little did I know it would take mine almost 7 months to come through!) and I was not going to “sit around” until that time. I was eager to get to know my new home and dive into the SoCal way of life.
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Getting a Work Permit under the J2 Visa

Find some guidance on where to start when you need to fill in Form I-765 for your Employment Authorization as a J2 dependent.
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