Pasadena’s Annual Rose Parade

Post written by Marta Navales

Hi guys!

Today I will give Real Estate a break, to talk about an event that takes place in the streets of Pasadena these days.

It is the amazing ROSE PARADE!! Definitely a must see if you are around Pasadena for New Year’s day! It is one of the most important events inside the Tournament of Roses.

But what is the Rose Parade and how can I see it?

It´s a two-hour parade of magnificent floral floats, talented marching bands, and high-stepping equestrians.  It takes place every year in Pasadena, on the 1st of January (except when it turns out to be a Sunday; the parade is then moved to the following Monday, on the 2nd of January).

The route is 5 and a half miles and it begins at the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena. The parade travels north on Orange Grove Blvd. and advances quite slowly (at a pace of 2 and a half miles per hour)  and then turns east onto Colorado Blvd., where the majority of the parade viewing takes place. Near the end of the route, the parade turns north onto Sierra Madre Blvd. and concludes at Villa St.

Resultado de imagen de rose parade itinerary

There will be a lot of people and finding a spot is not always easy… There are people that purchase tickets (anywhere from $60 to $100) to get a privileged view of the parade, but most of the locals prefer to just spontaneously join the multitude and find their own spots. Some of them even spend the night of New Year’s eve camping in the streets of Pasadena to make sure they have the best spot to admire the festivities! Don’t be surprised if you see tents popping up along Colorado boulevard on December 31: it’s 100% legal!

Experience the magic of the floats BEFORE they make their debut in the 2020 Rose Parade!! 

There is also the option to see the final stages of decorating as thousands of various flowers are placed on these beautiful floats.
If you are interested, visit one of their Decorating Places! The closest location is at Rosemont Pavilion, located at 700 Seco Street in Pasadena.
Parking is free and available on a first-come, first-served basis in various parking lots near the Rosemont Pavilion and Jackie Robinson Baseball Field.
The price is $15. You can find it here.

Do you want to know more about this event?

Follow this link to learn more about the Rose Parade and the Tournament of Roses through a beautiful VIDEO about the history of the parade.

I wish you the best time there if you can make it!!!!

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